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Education e-conférence Autisme-Europe 8-28 juin 2020 (en Anglais)

Publié : 11 juin 2020, 14:53
par nana

je transmets une information

je me suis permis de surligner certains passages et de changer la mise en forme pour + de lisibilité
Autism-Europe will co-organize a virtual conference in English on access to education for people on the autism spectrum.
  • The focus will be on how specialist teachers can be properly trained to attend the needs of autistic children in education.
For this, the outcomes of a project with partners (schools and autism centers) from Poland, Croatia and North Macedonia will be presented!
The project coordinators from the University of Northampton (United Kingdom) will present education policy recommendations relevant for all European countries.
And Autism-Europe will present the results of their own study on access to education for autistic people in Europe.

So I think this conference might be especially interesting for (young) autistic people in education, relatives of young autistic people in education and those working with young autistic people in education. The reason I am writing this here is because there is the need especially for participants living in Belgium (if you are not from Belgium you are still welcome to join!).

To participate you have to register for free and and watch the pre-recorded video message and presentations (and if you like you can ask questions in the comment section for the presenters and organizers) anytime between Monday 8 June 2020 and Sunday 28 June 2020. So there is no rush and everyone can take the time to read up about the conference and consider joining!

In any case find more information here: ... 8-1130-pm/

... I don't think that my message needs translations because only people who understand reading English will be able to participate as the videos will be in spoken English and subtitled in English only but you can still provide a small summary if you like and have the time! Cheers!) Disclaimer: I work for Autism-Europe but I am not directly involved in this project!
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